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  • You’re Active! So Keep Your Feet Fit!
    Are you a daily walker, a hiker or a triathlete? Any level of intensity in your daily activities can create any of the serious and common injuries below. Let’s take care Read more
  • Dancers Starting Pointe Earlier and Earlier
    Yesterday I went to Dance-Tech in Blacksburg, VA to talk to the owner about Shenandoah Podiatry, she was so relieved to find out we are located just around the corner! She started Read more
  • Hunting & Hiking
    Walking up and down steep hillsides and tramping through wet, slippery fields and wooded areas puts stress on the muscles and tendons in the feet and ankles, especially if you Read more
  • Virginia Tech is Going Green
    After VT’s wide receiver, D.J. Coles, PCL ligament heeled the team had their hopes up. Soon after however, linebacker, Tariq Edwards, suffered a stress fracture in his shin which hasn’t Read more
  • Walking Newbie = Shin Splints
    Sometimes as a walking newbie you can experience shin pain, a tight or burning sensation on the front of the lower leg, from overusing weak muscles. In order to reduce this Read more
  • Podiatric Medicine Helping Dorenzo Hudson and the Virginia Tech Hokies
    Dorenzo Hudson has been a star on the basketball court for the Hokies this season but unfortunately even stars fall sometimes. On January 16th at the Florida State vs. Virginia Read more
  • #12racein12months Rugged Maniac 5K 2014
    This past weekend Kevin and I traveled to Richmond, VA to run the Rugged Maniac 5k on Saturday! We did the race on a motor cross course which was pretty fun Read more
  • #12racesin12months Foam Fest 5k
    Last weekend Kevin and I traveled to Richmond again in order to race in the Foam Fest 5K with my brother in law and 2 sisters in law! We had quite a Read more
  • 8 Tips For Healthy Feet on the Trail
    My office is located within one mile of the Appalachian Trail. Each summer, I observe the wave of through hikers making the 2,168 mile trek from Georgia to Maine and Read more
  • Relieve Ankle Pain this Holiday Season
    With so many events taking place in a big, festive frenzy, the home stretch to the end of the year can feel like a blur. You’ve tended to family, friends, Read more
  • Charlie Sheen: Hammertoes Aren’t Winning
    Charlie Sheen has recently announced his major turn off in women- hammertoes. Yes, the man fired from Two & Half Men because he has a number of addictions feels he Read more
  • Tailor’s Bunion or Bunionette
    Tailor’s bunion is as an acquired lesion that causes chronic pain and swelling over the outer aspect of the distal foot. It is also known as a bunionette and is characterized Read more
  • Ankle Injuries: More Than Just an Annoyance
    Though ankle injuries are painful when they first occur, the long term damage that is caused can be even more detrimental. Ankles that have suffered an injury are seven times Read more
  • Get Your Feet “Sandal-Ready”
    There are some beaches—Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach (SC), Wilmington and Outerbanks (NC)—that are certainly worth the 5-6 hour drive from Roanoke, VA. If you are living with fungal toenails, though, Read more
  • Treating a Fungal Infection is Harder than Catching One
    The Washington Park and Fallon Park outdoor swimming pools don’t open for the season until June 6, so you should check out Green Ridge Recreation Center if you want to Read more
  • The Journey to Fungus-Free Feet
    Are you ready for Spring Break? It’s right around the corner—April 3-10 for Roanoke County Public Schools—so perhaps you have travel plans in place for the family. There might be Read more