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  • How to Make Orthotics Look Good
    I’ve been in quite a pickle lately. I’ve had a rather uncomfortable knee injury happen which I only aggravated during my half marathon and then again during our last 5k Read more
  • Shoe Selection
    Choosing the “right” shoe for walking, or any activity for that matter, can prevent needless foot related injuries and discomfort. If the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, Read more
  • Pointy Shoe Problems
    High-heeled shoes have long been know to contribute to foot disorders like bunions ,corns , calluses , and hammertoes . But now that high heels are getting pointier than ever— about 20% pointier— Read more
  • Obese Children are More Prone to Leg, Ankle and Foot Injury
    A new pediatric study reveals that obese children are more prone to leg, ankle, and foot injury than other children their age. Dr. Wendy J. Pomerantz of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio and Read more
  • Sports Injuries & Children
    If your children are playing sports this fall, pay attention to six tips that could protect them from serious ankle injuries. Every fall season, foot and ankle surgeons see an increase Read more
  • First Aid for Your Child’s Ankle Sprain
    Before you know it, the spring season for the Roanoke Valley Youth Soccer Association will be in full swing and excited kids will be running around, kicking the ball, and Read more
  • People Running Backwards
    Apparently a new technique to avoid injury and to help recover from common injuries is to run in reverse. You might have tried this (by walking) on the treadmill a Read more
  • Metatarsal Fractures
    In the US, there are approximately 206,000 metatarsal (toe) fractures every year! 5th metatarsal fractures represent 68% if all metatarsal fractures. For the Jones Fracture, a common type of 5th metatarsal Read more
  • Fact or Fiction: There Is Nothing You Can Do For a Broken Toe?
    Your alarm clock, conveniently located on the other side of your room, starts buzzing bright and early. No need to turn on the light…you know the way, BAM! You walk, Read more
  • Foot Fractures May Signal Osteoporosis
    A small foot fracture may be the first sign of osteoporosis, according to a study conducted by Ohio State University researchers. The study also demonstrated that several men studied as Read more
  • Bette Midler’s Green Toe??
    Bette Midler made her way over to Texas for a Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas event and wasn’t able to tolerate the state’s footwear. Apparently cowboy boots aren’t made for Read more
  • From Stress to Full Break: Why Treat Stress Fractures
    Take a second and think about a dam. Maybe you are picturing the Smith Mountain Dam, or perhaps you have an image of Daffy Duck trying to plug holes with Read more
  • Springing Back from an Ankle Sprain
    Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries among athletes—and basically anyone else with an ankle! Sure, those who participate in sports are most at risk; however, you can Read more
  • Fall Foot Blues
    Do your feet hurt more than ever since summer has ended? If so, you are not alone. We see a lot of patients like you each fall. When it comes Read more
  • What Do Podiatrists and Pedometers Have In Common?
    They both involve FEET! Health experts- myself included- say 10,000 steps a day is the magic number to get (or stay) on the healthy track. Side effects include increase in energy, Read more
  • Would You Run A Marathon in Flip Flops?
    Yeah, me neither! It boggles my mind this man would run in flip flops, let alone 26.2 miles! He certainly achieved his goal by getting in the Guinness Book of World Read more